Is the Saflon Pot's and Pans oven Safe?

Saflon Titanium, Titanium Red and Granitline Collections are not oven safe. Titanium Pro and Stainless Steel Collections are oven safe without Lid.

Which stove top's can we use Saflon pots and pans? Is it works on Induction?

Titanium, Titanium Red and Granitline Collections are compatible with all stove tops except induction. Titanium Pro and Stainless Steel Collections are compatible with all stove tops including induction.

Is Saflon cookware PFOA Free ?

Yes. Our pans are coated with QuanTanium by Whitford and they are PFOA, Lead, Cadmium Free. For more information you can check Whitford's official website.

Can you use cooking spray instead of oil?

Yes but if you prefer to keep the use of cooking oil to a minimum, we suggest you to dab your favorite oil on a paper towel and carefully wipe the interior of your pan before cooking instead of using nonstick sprays.

Where is Saflon products made of?

Our cookware is Made in Turkey. QuanTanium nonstick surface is Made in England by Whitford. 

Is it dishwasher-safe? 

Yes. Our cookware is dishwasher-safe. 

Does the handle get hot during cooking?

No but it's very important to match pan size to burner size. Use burners that are same size as the pan you are using. Adjust gas flame so that it does not extend up the sides of the pan.

Is it metal utensils safe?

Yes our cookware is metal utensils safe but never use sharped-edged utensils in nonstick pans. Although it's metal utensils safe we recommend using plastic and wooden utensils.

Will the bottom of the pan/pot will scratch my ceramic/glass stovetop?

No. The bottom of our pans and pots are not sharped edged but be careful when placing on the stovetop do not drag or scrape cookware across your ceramic/glass stovetop.

Are the bottom of Saflon cookware flat?

Yes. The bottoms are flat and has recessed circle rings on the bottom to assure even heat.

How is the handles attached?

Saflon Titanium, Titanium Red and Granitline collection handles are attached with screw and they are soft touch bakelite handles. Titanium Pro handles are riveted stainless steel handles.

Is Saflon cookware scratch-resistant ?

Yes. Our cookware is truly non-scratch and has 3 layers of non-scratch/non stick QuanTanium coating and 2 layers of forged aluminum outside.


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